The answer: In our opinion, Ocean City NJ Boardwalk is the best boardwalk in New Jersey. However, just because it may be the best boardwalk in New Jersey doesn’t mean it’s the right boardwalk for you. We’ll break down the reasons why Ocean City NJ may or may not have the best boardwalk for you.

Why Ocean City NJ Boardwalk Really Is Awesome

Do you like mini-golf, shopping, amusement parks, or food? Ocean City NJ boardwalk may be the perfect fit for you.

There Are So Many Activities To Do On The Ocean City NJ Boardwalk

When it comes to things to do, this boardwalk really offers it all. And when I say that, I really mean EVERYTHING. We guarantee you won’t be bored during your vacation trip. Here are just a few of the activities:

  • Gillian’s Wonderland Pier
  • Playlands Castaway Cove
  • Go-Karting
  • Ocean City Waterpark
  • JiLLy’s Arcade
  • Mini Golf…And Lots Of It
  • Mirror Maze
  • Virtual Reality
  • Escape Room

Looking for more information on Ocean City Boardwalk activities? Check out our other article!

Mini Golf on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk | Is Ocean, City Boardwalk the best boardwalk in New Jersey?

There Is SO Much Food To Choose From

In regards to food, there is everything you can imagine. Our favorite thing to eat at the boardwalk is some authentic New Jersey Boardwalk pizza. We grabbed a slice from Manco & Manco, a popular pizza destination in Ocean City. I had a simple plain slice but it was delicious! For dessert, we love getting ice cream. For whatever reason, it just really gets us nostalgic and reminds us of summer.

Manco & Manco Pizza on Ocean City NJ Boardwalk | Is Ocean, City Boardwalk the best boardwalk in New Jersey?

Are You a Shopaholic? 

Sitting out on the beach all day not really your thing? Or do you just really love going shopping? This boardwalk could definitely be up your alley. There are tons of stores to choose from, ranging from brand names to Dollar Stores.

It’s Super Clean & Well-Maintained

There have been a lot of boardwalks we’ve been to that aren’t cleaned or up-kept. So, we have to appreciate the ones that actually are! It’s definitely a beautiful boardwalk, which is a huge reason why Ocean City is the best boardwalk in New Jersey.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk | Is Ocean, City Boardwalk the best boardwalk in New Jersey?

The Area Feels Incredibly Safe & Family Friendly

Ocean City, New Jersey is a dry town, which means there are no liquor stores, clubs/bars, or alcohol sold in restaurants. That usually repels people that are more interested in a party scene. With that being said, it’s a great (and more quiet town) for families with young children.

Some Reasons Why Ocean City NJ Boardwalk May Not Be The Best For You

While we did think Ocean City NJ Boardwalk was awesome, there a few negatives we did come across. For some of these reasons, it may not be for you.

It’s a Dry Town So Don’t Plan On Hitting Up Any Bars

As mentioned previously, Ocean City, NJ is a dry town, which is why it attracts so many families. But, that may not be what you’re looking for. The Boardwalk is not, by any means, a party kind of scene.

Beach Access Isn’t Free

Getting onto the beach is gonna cost you about $5 per person. If you’ve ever been to a New Jersey Beach, you’ll understand the struggle of having to pay for beach access. Unfortunately, finding free beach access, especially on the boardwalks, is difficult. For example, Point Pleasant Boardwalk and Seaside Park Boardwalk both charge to get on to the beach, and it’s definitely more than $5. Atlantic City Boardwalk and Wildwood Boardwalk are actually both free.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk | Is Ocean, City Boardwalk the best boardwalk in New Jersey?

Beaches May Be A Bit Crowded

Not only are the beaches not free, but they’re also super crowded during the summer months! We went in July and we could barely find a space to set up our towels. This was a bit unexpected, especially since we were on the Northernmost end of the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk Beach | Is Ocean, City Boardwalk the best boardwalk in New Jersey?

Mostly Everything On The Boardwalk Is Expensive

We found that a lot of the shops and food got really pricey. For example, we paid about $5 for a slice of pizza and $6 for a regular ice cream cone. Unfortunately, most New Jersey Boardwalks are expensive.

Quick Tip

We actually DID find a dollar-type store on the boardwalk! Obviously…everything was a dollar. Came out of there with some (cheap quality) flip flops!

The Parking Can Be Difficult

It took us forever to find parking near the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk, and when we did, we wound up being nearly a mile from the boardwalk! We didn’t have to pay for parking, though. There are meter spots offered closer to the boardwalk, but those are difficult to get during summer weekends, as well. When you do get them, it’ll cost about $3-$4 for 3 hours. The only other option is parking in a paid lot for about $15-$20. If you’re carpooling with a filled car, this could probably work for you. Otherwise, it’s expensive to park near the boardwalk.

Ocean City NJ Boardwalk | Is Ocean, City Boardwalk the best boardwalk in New Jersey?

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