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By signing up, you are releasing the Wolf Pack Round Up and any of its creators of any liability associated with attending this meetup. WPRU is in no way liable for any injury or illness you may sustain. You are taking full responsibility for your well being and the supplies needed to sustain you for the duration of the event.

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A FREE Van Life / Bus Life Gathering. All are welcome. Tent Campers and any type of vehicle dweller. Practice Boondocking skills as there are no services at the location or within 100 mi. So make sure to bring plenty of water and food. The Meet Up is completely FREE to give back to the community and provide an opportunity to meet new friends and see old ones. We encourage people to wear masks and socially distance to keep themselves and everyone else safe. Pack it in, Pack it out. The new location is private land and is called Rockhorse Ranch. Address: Rockhorse Ranch 74543 OR-31 Fort Rock, Oregon 97735 Phone 541-576-2488

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