Wondering what Meow Wolf is? Well, trust us when I say that you’re going to want to add it to your bucket list. Meow Wolf was started in Santa Fe, New Mexico (that’s the location we visited) in 2008. The art collective takes you on an immersive, multimedia experience through various multi-dimensional universes. Whether you’re an adult or child, the hands-on experience is like one giant jungle gym with beautiful art features that make you think, wonder, imagine, and become just a tiny bit terrified.

Apparently there is no special meaning behind the name. Back in 2008, the original owners of the art exhibit picked two random names out of a hat and the combination sorted itself out as Meow Wolf! The exhibit took 14 months to build and is constantly being updated with new features. The 20,000 sq. ft. building in New Mexico that houses Meow Wolf actually used to be a bowling alley over a decade ago. Meow Wolf is in the process of expanding throughout the country including Denver (2020), Las Vegas (2019), and Washington DC (2022).

Meow Wolf Santa Fe, NM

One of our favorite parts about Santa Fe’s exhibit was the amount of creative freedom Meow Wolf allowed its artists. For the most part, the company really loves to include artists from underrepresented groups to both express themselves and create diversity throughout the displays. With the vast amount of diversity included, the exhibits really do appear equally intriguing and timeless.

Tickets & Time Slots for the BEST Interactive Experience At Meow Wolf

Tickets for adults were only about $30 when we went. You do have to make a reservation for a specific time slot online which is super easy to do. Once registered, you’ll have to show up at that time to enter the exhibit. Each time slot only allows a limited number of guests to enter the exhibit at one time. This helps reduce wait times and large crowds. The price is reasonable, especially if you choose to solve the mystery throughout House of Eternal Return. Even if you aren’t into the mystery, the walkthrough will take up to 2 hours to explore. Furthermore, the exhibit is like a giant, imaginative playground where you can hang out all day if you chose to!Meow Wolf Santa Fe, NM

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