Making the dive into traveling full-time is not an easy decision to make. It takes a lot of thought, especially if you’re considering it with a significant other, family members, or friends.

There were a ton of things that ran through both of our heads when we were thinking about hitting the road full-time. Of course, based on all of the social media posts you see about travel and van life, it was an exciting opportunity that we couldn’t pass up.

On the other hand, there are questions that I wished I asked myself before just full sending it into full-time travel on the road. While I’m incredibly grateful for bus life, not everything is easy.

If you’re in that process, here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing to travel full-time.

How Do You Want to Travel?

Traveling full-time isn’t like a never-ending vacation, although it may look like that. You need to take into consideration how you’re going to make full-time travel work, especially to the point where you’re comfortable.

There are a variety of ways to make full-time travel work including extended hotel stays, backpacking, frequent flights, or RV, van, or bus.

David and I chose to do full-time travel in a 2002 Thomas Built self-converted skoolie. We chose a bus because it allowed us to design it to meet our exact needs. In addition, it allows us to travel full-time with all of the comforts of home including a shower, composting toilet, kitchen, and so much more!

What Am I Going to Do for Work While Traveling Full-Time?

This is definitely an important question to ask yourself. While your monthly expenses will be reduced while traveling full-time (assuming you don’t have debt), you still need to consider how you’re going to be bringing in an income.

There are several avenues to becoming a digital nomad that makes money traveling full-time. I have been employed as a Career Coach at a remote company for the past 3 years. It’s mostly writing and completely allows me to control my schedule. David, on the other hand, builds van, bus, and RV conversions while on the road.

Some other great methods for making money include doing a driving service if you have a car, signing up for some online writing resources, checking out Craigslist for handyman jobs, etc. Working while traveling full-time is definitely possible, you just need to get creative!

If you’re looking into budgeting for bus or van life, check out the following article: How to Budget for Bus Life: Complete Guide

How is Your Health?

Do you feel as though you are healthy enough to travel full-time? This is an important question and one that should be thought about in terms of physical and mental health.

Traveling full-time can be stressful at times. I have battled with anxiety and depression for a lot of my life. As a result, I initially found myself struggling on the road because of the constant change. Now, I have become much more adaptable and take it day by day. I am super grateful to have gotten to this point, but it did take me a while.

Similarly, many other health issues can be managed on the road. But, if you have an illness that requires consistent monitoring and intensive care, traveling full-time may not be the right choice for you.

How Does Your Family Feel About Full-Time Travel? Will You Homeschool Your Children?

I cannot reiterate this enough: It’s SO important that everyone in your group is open to full-time travel. If everyone is not on board, there are only going to be more issues that develop later on down the road.

Secondly, education is important. I know 2020 has been a crazy one, but it’s still important to consider what you’re children are going to be doing about school.

There are a few different options that I’ve seen parents do. Some may take the unschool route, while others have successfully used a boxed homeschool curriculum, a curriculum that you build yourself, or an online course that relies on good cell service.

Whatever your choice, you need to also make sure you can afford to homeschool. While there are free curriculums, you need to consider some sort of cost involved.

Do My Significant Other and I Cohabitate Well?

I’m serious – Do you and your significant other get along well when you’re in smaller spaces? Whether you’re traveling by hotel, RV, or van, you’re most likely going to be living in a smaller area. You and your significant other are going to get personal real quick. Rember, you are spending almost all of your time with that person!

Not every couple would do well in a small space, and that’s perfectly okay! It’s better to realize that now, as opposed to 3 months of full-time travel.

Any Other Suggestions for Traveling Full-Time?

Our biggest suggestion is to always reach out to people and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite account or someone you’ve been following for a while. Chances are, they’ll be more than happy to answer questions you may have, especially if they’re more specific!

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