Downsizing into a tiny home on wheels has been becoming increasingly more popular and so has the amount of van life Instagram accounts. One of the latest trends has been the amazing world of skoolie conversions, and the community that dwells within them. People are trading their large homes and everything they own for a chance at freedom!

If you’re thinking about either van or bus life, take a look at some of the best bus & van life Instagram accounts that’ll inspire your wanderlust. All of these individuals have so much to offer to this amazing community, and I look forward to consistently adding to this list in the future!


Josh and Carolyn have been converting their amazing 1954 crown bus into tiny home for the past several years. In March 2021, the couple will be hitting the road with their 2 dogs and following God’s adventure for them. This up and coming couple on social media has completely stepped up their game. They post relatable captions coupled with gorgeous photography of their incredible bus.


Laura and Aaron are amazing content creators. Their account is filled with breathtaking pictures while exploring Europe in their self-converted van.


We had the privilege of running into Alyssa a few times on the road, and I’m personally so glad we did! Alyssa and her dog Rio are the dynamic duo. Her content on Instagram is original, unique, and so real. She puts what we may all actually be thinking out there. If you’re looking for an account that posts beautiful pictures while also showcasing the real side of solo female bus life, check her out!


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The Joneses are a family of four that just finished converting their school bus into a beautiful tiny home. Their build quickly went viral on Instagram, and there really isn’t any surprise as to why. I mean…have you seen their page and adorable children?! In all seriousness, their bus life moments are beautifully captured.


We met Frankie and Alex on the 4th of July in 2020 and are so grateful we did. This couple (and their adorable little dog Paco) is just as authentic in real life as they are on social media. They share the good and the bad of van life – while doing it in the most comical way possible! To really get an inside look into their life, be sure to check out their YouTube account, too!


This family of 6 including their 4 cats and a dog are in the finishing stages of building their dream house on wheels. Not only is their build turning out incredible, but their Instagram also features tons of photos of their family actively using the bus. If you’re obsessed with beautiful skoolies and want to follow a family that is just starting their bus journey, give them a follow.


Of course, we had to include ourselves on this list of best van life Instagram accounts! I mean, after all, I did make this list for you guys. Anyways, we do our best to share authentic, relatable content with you guys on Instagram that include our builds, life on the road, and travels.


Isaac converted his 2003 Ford E450 7.3L Diesel into the perfect tiny home on wheels. This shortie has the most gorgeous interior and exterior that makes you want to spend your days sleeping in the woods.

In addition to Isaac’s incredible build, he is an even more amazing photographer, videographer, and musician. In fact, he has recorded an entire album on his bus! To check out his music and to see some of the amazing PNW photography that he features his incredible skoolie in, visit his Instagram or YouTube accounts.


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I have always loved Tawny and Mike’s skoolie, especially their spectacular bathroom and tub!

What’s even better than their bus? The amazing messages that they bring to the community. Not only does Tawny have an awesome blog (, but their Instagram is full of authentic lifestyle content that you can really relate to. Not everything about this lifestyle is sunshine and rainbows, and I love it when others talk about it!


Krys and Taylor may be somewhat new to the van life community, but we’re so glad they’re here. Their content is relatable and unique. If you’re looking for an account that is consistently keeping you on your toes with inspiring content, give them a follow on their van life Instagram!


Lauren is currently traveling the country with her significant other and 4 dogs on a converted school bus. Her Instagram is filled with positive vibes including breathtaking pictures of her travels and the bus. She is constantly inspiring the community and we feel honored that we got to meet her on the road!

You can also catch Lauren on YouTube and TikTok.


Jake, Jen, and their 2 children are a Florida-based family that converted their 38 foot 2oo4 Thomas School Bus to a custom tiny home on wheels. They are soon to be hitting the road so be sure to continue following along on their journey!


Liz, Wes, and their daughter are currently in the process of converting their skoolie in Florida. Their Instagram is filled with visually appealing content and realistically showcases the build process from start to finish. The community is definitely lucky to have these content creators!


Based in Germany, this van life couple is constantly amazing us with their creative designs. Not only do they have an amazing van build, but we’re obsessed with their content! In the future, they plan on doing commissioned-based work. Keep on the lookout! And, be sure to check out our Instagram to see our collaboration together!


Scott and Ashley are another pair of amazing content creators that are in the process of converting their bus. On their Instagram, you’ll find a ton of content including the highs and lows of the build process. In addition to constantly giving back to this community, this couple is authentic and real.


They have to have one of our all-time favorite builds – and there’s really no surprise as to why. Not only do they have an awesome off-grid setup for remote work, but they also have an incredible shower/toilet setup!

They’re currently traveling the country with their 2 dogs!


Not only is this incredible woman a solo female traveler, but she is also a Veteran artist living in her self-converted skoolie that is actually a traveling studio! She offers such a refreshing outlook on her Instagram channel. If you’re looking for motivation, this is an account you’re not going to want to miss.

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