David’s taco truck conversion of “Coco Loco” has to be one of his all-time favorite builds. Everything about this taco truck conversion was unique and unlike anything we’ve tackled before while dealing with RVs, vans, and buses.

The challenge with converting a taco truck is ensuring that all components of the build are prepared to pass the food & health inspection. Below, I’ll detail some of the highlights of the “Coco Loco” taco truck features and more information about the build-out process.

Location: Sisters, Oregon

Timeline: 100 hours

Water: 42 gallons of freshwater, 42 gallons of greywater

Features: The build contains a shut-off manifold that’s easily accessible from the exterior. There are a pre-filter and household filter for the incoming water line, as well as a garden hose gray water drain that’s an inch and a half. In the kitchen and prep areas, there’s a triple food-prep sink, single hand washing station, peel & stick tile, and butcher block & stainless steel countertops. For power, there is a 30 amp service and a generator with an automatic transfer switch. In addition, there’s a Shurflow pump, tankless water heater (Camplux) mounted on the door, 2ftx8ft outdoor deck, grill extension for a 36-inch Grillstone Grill, quick disconnect propane line, 36-inch service window, custom cedar paneled ceiling, under cabinet lighting for efficient food preparation, and custom-built cabinets.

Our Favorite Part About the Build: The ceiling fixture and the deck that David custom designed and built are our favorite features. It completely sets apart this taco truck conversion from the rest.

One Thing We Wish We Could’ve Done Differently: We wish we could’ve made the deck bigger. Unfortunately, this was an unknown we had to deal with since we weren’t at the location until the final day.

taco truck conversion

taco truck conversion

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