Does anyone else feel like the month of May flew by or is it just us? While life seems to be passing by quickly, we both accomplished some pretty huge milestones this month! Shelby graduated with a Master of Science in Global Sports Business and David quit his full-time job. This gives him the flexibility he’ll need to get this job completed over the next month (…hey, that’s what we’re hoping, at least).

We dealt with a lot of rain this month, but David worked hard to finish a lot of what needed to get done on the outside of the bus (and underneath). Shocker…the underside of the bus is a dirty, messy place! Check out some of what we did this month (and a little bit of information behind them).

We are almost 100% done with all of the electrical. plumbing, and propane (FINALLY)! The 2 water tanks (1 spare and 1 for grey water) and propane were installed under the bus. Multiple tests have been run to ensure that there are no leaks in our systems (SUCCESS).

This month we’ll probably be sending bi-weekly updates as we approach our LAST month of construction! Thank you all for supporting us in this journey…if you have any friends, family, or co-workers that would be interested in our construction project, urge them to sign up for our newsletter!

I’ll be honest….this was NOT the easiest clean-up. David’s just a little “messy” when he does his construction. But, he sure was happy with how organized the space is now!

This was a simple RV latch that we got for easy access to the water tanks.

The spots for the 2 water tanks and the propane (not shown here) have been made underneath the bus.

The shams were strategically placed so that the shower pan would drain towards our drain.

We made a last minute decision to create a ledge that will be inside of the wall…this will be a nice little nook for our shampoo, soap, etc.

The shower is officially ready for its walls! The shower pan was installed this month, along with all plumbing pipes (including those that run to our kitchen sink, outdoor shower, and outdoor faucet.

Figured we’d give you a sneak peek on what our bus actually looks like inside 80% of the time…the hammock is normally a nice place to rest after 8+ hour days!

We also installed the Tesla battery and inverter. This is what will power our bus and store our solar energy.

David installed the electrical box with the 24v to 12v step down transformers.

We got the solar panel rack installed and fabricated on top of the roof. We made sure it was level and straight before welding it to the side mounts.

Can you spy all of our liquid nails? You may say it’s overkill…until you realize how much we’ve already gone through (I’ll give you a hint….it’s probably between 20 and 30 bottles!)

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