Phew – July has been another long and HOT month, but we’re finally hitting the home stretch (that’s what we keep telling people, at least). Without boring you with the story of how we’re overwhelmed with being over budget and over our timeline, let’s get into what you ACTUALLY came here for – Charlotte’s progress!

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Image 1: The backsplash was a last-minute decision. We forgot that we’d require one if we placed the stove next to the wall. We went with an adhesive to avoid the extra work of mortar and grout. So far, we love it!
We also installed our Magic Chef Stove and hood that was originally used on a camper.

Image 2: We were putting off tiling the bathroom for a LONG time. Neither of us has ever tiled before, so we are by no means experts. The tiles are simply subway and the ceiling is made of cedar. We used a flexible, epoxy-based grout that will (hopefully) reduce cracking during travel. The floor is a composite decking that we got from Home Depot. It was super easy to install!

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Image 3: Back in early July, David and his friend (another shout out to Tyler Bondar) built the pull-out bed in the back. It pulls out (as shown in the photo) to an *almost* full-sized bed. When in, it’s about the size of a twin and allows plenty of walk space to access the bathroom and “garage”. We do plan on adding legs to the pull section to make it more sturdy.

Image 4: We built the medicine cabinet into the wall, which functions as a mirror and some extra storage. The contraption below is our heated towel rack. It’s on its own radiant heat zone and is made out of copper.

Image 5

Image 6

Image 5: These cabinets were tricky, but they came out great. The cabinet faces have hinges on them that prevent it from opening during travel.

Image 6: These are the beginning of our dinette seating area! These function as both seating and storage. The 2 seats have hinges for easy access. They can also be fully extended to seat 4 people.

Image 7

Image 8

Image 7: Our couch can be pulled out to a full-sized bed. Lots of extra space when friends/family come to visit! Our couch sewing was done by David’s amazing Aunt Sue! We’ll be revealing that in the next newsletter.

Image 8: A while back, we found an under-mount Frankie double sink from the Freehold Re-store (another special shoutout to the amazing staff there that have helped us throughout our conversion progress). It’s quite large and takes up a lot of the counter space. But, when we aren’t using the other sink, we’re gonna put a cutting board over it to use it as extra counter space.

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