One of the many things we’ve learned from life on the road is to do as much as you possibly can to be prepared. That means having appropriate insurance coverage for all of your needs, including your wheels and tires. Having RV tire insurance for your bus or van conversion could really eliminate a future stressful, uncomfortable, and expensive situation.

On average, people drive over 13,000 miles a year in the United States. With that being said, 2 in 4 people have tire failures. Tires for a school bus can cost up to $500 a piece.

Unfortunately, many of the company’s that advertise wheel and RV tire insurance usually have hidden terms and conditions. In addition, we have heard on several occasions these company’s denying conversion coverage, despite them paying for their plans.

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RV Tire Insurance Coverage Solutions

We came across Pro Tire Club a few months ago and after talking with the owner, are impressed with the service. Pro Tire Club offers an RV tire and wheel protection plan that will help you save hundreds in the event of a tire malfunction.

For just $99/year, Pro Tire Club will insure your RVs, Travel Trailers, Skoolies, or Vans tires and wheels. Included in your membership are tire and wheel replacement, $100 toward roadside assistance, $0 deductibles, tow vehicle coverage, 24/7 claims, coverage down to 2/32″ of tread, and NO hidden fees.

If you plan on regularly using your rig for the next few years, they also offer 3 and 5-year plans at even more affordable rates. A 3-year plan is offered at $229 and a 5-year plan at $339.

For more information on what their service offers, visit

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