Wolfpack Round Up is a van and bus life meetup in stunning Oregon. With all the madness that happened during 2020, we wanted to bring a little bit of light back to the community. One of our favorite things about this lifestyle is the fact that we have the opportunity to do that.

This is a completely FREE gathering and available to anyone, even if you don’t have a skoolie pr van! Whether you’ve been living the nomadic lifestyle for years, just started, or just thinking about it, the Wolf Pack Round Up gathering is is the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

We all want to make this event as inclusive as possible. We’ll be offering a ton of free giveaways, workshops, and more.

Every day will be something new, so be sure to follow our social media accounts (Instagram: @wolfpackroundup) and Facebook (@wolfpackroundup) for all of the latest details or to ask any questions.

2020 dates: October 30 – November 2

Additional Event Details: Wolf Pack Round Up Details

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