Some people may be thinking: What kind of Ottawa, Ontario bars could be that cool? What even makes a cool bar? During our latest trip, we uncovered some bars in Ottawa that really stood out to us. You gotta trust us here, you’re not going to want to miss out on Ward 14 and Tavern On the Hill while visiting Ottawa, Ontario.

Warning: Ward 14 Has the Coolest Vibes

Ward 14 brands themselves as a consignment bar in Ottawa, Ontario, and it’s exactly that. It is one of the only bars in Ottawa, Ontario Canada that really stands out from the rest. Ward 14 sells vintage decor, which they use as decoration until it catches someone’s eye. For that reason, the decor is constantly changing, and you can’t help but recognize creepy dolls, old antiques, or gumball machines from your childhood. Ward 14 also has trivia nights from time to time. To make this Ottawa, Ontario bar even more compelling, they sell some really cool cocktails and food (and if you’re anything like us, you love your food!). Our personal favorites were the homemade corn dog and tater tot poutine. Oh, did I mention how they had some pretty sweet drink deals and local beers, too?

Ottawa, Ontario Canada Bars | Top 2 Bars in Ottawa, Ontario | Ward 14

Ottawa, Ontario Canada Bars | Top 2 Bars in Ottawa, Ontario | Ward 14

Ottawa, Ontario Canada Bars | Top 2 Bars in Ottawa, Ontario | Ward 14

Ottawa, Ontario Canada Bars | Top 2 Bars in Ottawa, Ontario | Ward 14

In case you’re not convinced yet, it does get better. Our favorite part about this bar wasn’t only the decor, but how you can interact with it. By that, I mean you can play the games or read the assortment of books Ward 14 offers! Our game of the night was Taboo…it was a blast hanging out, eating, and just playing a game.

Ward 14 is open 5 pm to 2 am every day of the week and located on 139 Preston Street in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. With its good vibes, ever-changing environment, and delicious drinks, this bar is our favorite we’ve been to yet!

Tavern on the Hill is THE Best Outdoor Hangout Spot

Looking for Ottawa, Ontario bars where you can hang outside and enjoy some of the most beautiful spots in the nation’s capital? This makes Tavern on the Hills one of the must-see bars in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. It is an outdoor, canteen, patio, and coffee/ice cream bar located on the North end of Major’s Hill Park.

This is one of the only bars in Ottawa, Ontario overlooks some of Ottawa, Ontario Canada’s most beautiful spots: Parliament Hill, the Chateau Laurier, the Supreme Courthouse of Canada, the Ottawa, Ontario River, the Astrolabe, the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the National Gallery of Canada. They have a ton of gourmet, delicious hot dogs that you can choose from and their House Cocktails were delicious! We usually don’t like having to spend too much money on drinks, but these were 100% worth it. David ordered the Kombucha Spritz and I had the Gin and Ginger Lemonade. The House Cocktails ranged from $10-$12 (Canadian).

There is also a newer location called Tavern on the Falls located at Rideau Falls. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to go to this location. Tavern of the Falls is essentially the same concept as its sister location with a different view.

Ottawa, Ontario Canada Bars | Top 2 Bars in Ottawa, Ontario | Tavern on the HiIl

How Are You Getting Around After You Visit These Awesome Ottawa, Ontario Bars In Canada?

So, while we usually use Lyft, there were none in Ottawa, Ontario Canada. But, there are tons of Ubers! Be careful though, once you get into Quebec there are significantly less!

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