Are you curious on how to can gain Instagram followers of about 1,000 in a month? Whether you’re a new account or have been around for a while, gaining followers can be a daunting and exhausting task. Trust me, we have totally been there!

Surprisingly, gaining your first 1,000 followers won’t be as difficult as you think if you read our tips and hints! We’ll share with you what worked and didn’t work for us in this How To Gain Instagram Followers guide!

How to Gain Instagram Followers | Gaining 1,000 Instagram Followers in less than a Month | Having trouble increasing your Instagram followers? Try these 7 tips to obtain REAL and ACTIVE Instagram followers!

How to Gain Your First 1,000 Instagram Followers

  • Maintain an Up-to-Date Instagram Strategy

Instagram is constantly updating their algorithms in order to create better experiences for their users. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always make getting followers easy. But, if you are consistent with your own, personal Instagram strategy, we can guarantee you’ll see the results you’re looking for.

We use Google Sheets to keep track of our followers and strategies. On this document, we included our goals, results, and day-to-day actions. Keeping track of your goals and results in the first month is critical for increasing your followers. You need to find exactly what works and the only way to do this is to analyze your OWN results!

  • Discover Your Instagram Account’s Niche

You won’t actually grow your Instagram follows until you find your relevant niche. Try to think of what you’re account is about (or is going to be about) and only post content that is relevant to that topic. That way, you can attract the RIGHT people to your Instagram account!

  • Follow Relevant Instagram Accounts

After finding your niche, you’ll need to start following relevant accounts. Following Instagram users and engaging with their accounts is a great way to quickly increase your followers!

  • Engage, Engage, Engage!

We can’t stress this enough: If you want to see your followers grow to 1,000 followers in one month, you need to engage with other Instagram users! Instagram is a give and take kind of community; you’ll get out what you put in.

Search relevant hashtags in your Instagram’s niche. Then, go through the most recent posts to like and comment on other user’s Instagram posts. Leave well-thought out, useful comments that are longer than just 3 words and a couple of emojis. You’re much more likely to get noticed if you leave a quality comment! But, don’t stop there! We usually go through the account’s page and like a few other of their posts. If you love their content, don’t be afraid to give them a follow!

Don’t forget to engage with your current followers, as well! A lot of people forget about that, which is part of the reason they may see their Instagram followers decrease. Your followers are usually following you for a reason: Make them feel noticed!

  • Create a Cohesive Instagram Theme

You’re going to want to give people a reason to become your Instagram follower. Posting random content probably won’t cut it. But, posting high-quality, similar content with a theme will gain you your first 1,000 followers in a month.

Find an Instagram edit that works best for you and use it on all of your pictures. Eventually, your account will look more cohesive and get more attention. We use Lightroom presets on all of our Instagram pictures. Some other popular apps to create your personalized edits include VSCO.

  • Conduct Hashtag Research

Some Social Media “experts” claim hashtags are dead. This is so far from the truth! You just need to know how to find the most related hashtags based on your niche. An easy way to do this is to analyze your competitors, looking at the hashtags used. Make sure you’re using all 30 hashtags too because, why not? You might as well give yourself the best shot at getting followers AND engagement!

When you’re looking at hashtags, make sure you look at how many posts they have under it. With Instagram, the best hashtag for you isn’t always going to be the one with the most posts. Granted, hashtags with a lot of popularity may possibly gain your account a ton of exposure. Unfortunately, most of the time, they quickly disappear. We would suggest using hashtags that have LESS posts under them. This way, you’ll stand out more and be relevant for longer than a couple of seconds!

  • Consistency is How You Gain Followers On Instagram Quickly 

We can’t stress this enough: You need to be consistent! Create a schedule for your posts. The Plann app is fantastic! They allow us to build hashtags and organize our prospective photos to see how they’ll look.

We do our best to post every other day. Furthermore, you need to be consistent while working on your Instagram. This is where you’re going to notice that HUGE difference in your followers! Set a schedule so that you can spend at least 1 hour a day going through Instagram to engage with users and their posts.

Thoughts to Consider if You Don’t Want to Lose Instagram Followers

  • Instagram Shadow Bans are NOT a myth!

We were there! Shadow Bans pretty much disable your account for up to a couple of weeks! During that period, your keywords won’t appear and your actions on Instagram are severely limited. If you’re looking to gain followers quickly, you’re going to want to avoid that pesky Instagram Shadow Ban at all costs. In the future, we’ll write about some of the tips and tricks to get yourself unbanned from Instagram if you’re stuck, so stay tuned!

How do you get Instagram Shadow Banned, you may ask? It’s easy when you’re a new account. Instagram thinks you’re account is spam if you’re liking, commenting, or following / unfollowing too many accounts within a short period of time. Instagram may also administer temporary bans to accounts partaking in such behavior.

  • Don’t Buy Followers! 

Buying followers is unauthentic and can easily damage your brand. Furthermore, Instagram is getting better at tracking those fake accounts and deleting them. Your followers will know if you buy followers (especially if you have 1K followers but are only getting 20 likes on a picture), so just don’t do it!

  • Don’t Use the Follow / Unfollow Instagram Technique 

Instagram users will notice and eventually your Instagram account will seem like it’s just trying to gain followers the easy way. While it may work for some people, we wouldn’t suggest doing it. You want to build a strong rapport with your followers and not destroy it.

If you can remain consistent and take some of our tips and hints into consideration, we promise you’ll be able to achieve your first 1,000 followers in no time! Instagram is such a valuable tool for marketing your brand, and you should applaud yourself for taking the initiative to grow real, organic Instagram followers!

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