David and I have lived very active lifestyles throughout our entire lives. Whether it was competing gymnastics for 18 years or snowboarding for 15, we have always preferred an active lifestyle over any other. Unfortunately, with an active lifestyle comes pain. While we don’t participate in anything extreme anymore, as in gymnastics, we still love to hike, snowboard, wakeboard, surf, and skimboard (ok…you get the point!). For a while, we came to terms that our joint and muscle pains will always be accompanied by our activities, and just popped an Advil or Tylenol to at least get rid of some of it. Unfortunately, those methods started to lose their effects and just wasn’t worth it.

More recently, we decided to give a much more natural remedy a try. We didn’t want to just do prescription patches or pills that doctors recommended after we were done with some of our outdoor activities. So, when we came across Diamond CBD just recently, we were more than surprised by the results! CBD can greatly improve your lifestyle if you’re someone active like us. Even better is that CBD is completely natural, has few side effects, is generally inexpensive, comes in a variety of products, and has long-lasting effects.

Ok, So What Exactly Is CBD?

For a while, we were really confused about what CBD was, too. Is it associated with marijuana? Is it legal? Are there negative side effects? CBD and THC are the two main and most well-known compounds that make up the marijuana plant. CBD is also known as Cannabis sativa or Cannabinoid, while THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. Many people associate marijuana with its psychoactive effects, which is what gives people a “high”. CBD does NOT cause that same psychoactive effect and the compound falls outside of the US Federal Drug Enforcement Regulations and is 100% legal if they do not contain the THC compound. While looking for something more natural to alleviate our pain after our outdoor activities, we found an appeal in CBD because it didn’t have that psychoactive effect. Furthermore, it was legal and not something that was regulated by the government.

At Diamond CBD, the company basically extracts the compounds from the plant and adds them to a carrier oil, which is where CBD oil comes in. Their team of doctors and scientists allows for the brand to ensure their products are all-natural, pure, and of the highest quality possible. All of their products are 100% natural, lab tested, and CBD extracts.

How Do You Consume This CBD?

CBD comes in a variety of different forms, which is why they can often be speculated on regarding the benefits that they cause. Each person reacts to CBD differently and may require different amounts in order to see the results they desire. Diamond CBD provides products in all forms, shapes, and sizes including oils, vapes, edibles, drinks, dabs, and creams. They even provide CBD products for your pets! We prefer the more conventional methods: Topical creams or oils. Personally, we’d prefer to not ingest it and feel as though we get the same benefits through creams and oils! Of course, each person has their own opinion and can see what works for them when it comes to alleviating joint or muscle pains.

How Strong Is CBD?

CBD comes in all sorts of strengths and Diamond CBD offers about all of them. Each industrial hemp contains different levels of CBD. There are tons of different types of CBD Vape Oils at Diamond CBD in various strengths and for a variety of benefits.

What Are The Benefits to CBD?

There have been so many studies that show CBD does have actual benefits to it! According to researchers and scientists, CBD interacts with both your immune system and receptors in your brain. From those receptors, signals are sent throughout the rest of your body for certain reactions to take place. As a result, they form anti-inflammatory effects that reduce and relieve symptoms of a variety of pain, including those that are even chronic. When we constantly suffer from our old injuries coming back to life or just joint and muscle soreness from a long day hike, CBD is a great way for that pain to be lessened and we’re thoroughly enjoying the results.

Aside from just pain, CBD can be used for other issues such as depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, and stress.

Among just the physical benefits of CBD, it is rarely accompanied by any of the negatives that THC comes with. Even when compared to over the counter or prescription drugs, the side effects of CBD are actually less and nothing out of the ordinary. Withdrawal symptoms are also not something that you have to be very concerned about. If that doesn’t convince you, CBD products are generally LESS money than other pain-relieving drugs!

Do You Have That Same Pain After Outdoor Activities? Read More About How It Can Help!

The compound isn’t just magic – it’s constantly interacting with those receptors and helps improve your pain management system. That means all that pesky inflammation that accompanies the part of your body that hurts you is reduced and so is the pain that accompanies it! Unlike some pain relievers including Advil and Tylenol, you don’t ever gain a tolerance for CBD, which is what we ALSO love about it. You can use the product for a long time and not have to worry about taking a stronger dose. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to manage your pain, it’s a great way to do just that and can be your go-to pain reliever for the long-term.

How To Know If CBD Could Be Right For You

Unfortunately, there’s no real answer to this statement; you really can’t know if CBD is right for you, at least when it comes to a doctor’s prescription. But, if your current medication just isn’t providing you any relief anymore or if you are suffering from pain after your active lifestyle like us, CBD may be worth giving a try! There were no other medications that were working for us until we gave Diamond CBD a try.

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