The best kind of crawl (even better than a bar crawl) is one that involves sweet, delicious dessert spots in Ottawa, Ontario! There are a few favorite dessert spots in Ottawa, Ontario Canada that really left a mark in our hearts and we’d recommend you visit, as well. We didn’t have a ton of time in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, so to visit all the amazing eateries was just not possible. Because of that,  we decided to designate one night during our trip to just skipping around town and trying out the different desserts in Ottawa, Ontario! (Psst…this has become our new favorite thing to do during our travels, so if you’re interested in finding some awesome dessert spots around the world, stay tuned!)  If you’re planning a trip to Ottawa, Ontario Canada, then definitely take a look at some of our favorite dessert spots in Ottawa during our crawl!

Stop #1: The Cupcake Lounge

The Cupcake Lounge is located on 6 Byward Market Square, Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. As implied by the name, this sweet shop has a ton of delicious cupcakes to choose from! The Cupcake Lounge offers a mix of cupcakes that are offered every day of the week. The shop also has speciality cupcakes for each day of the week, including strawberry yogurt and apple dulce de leche. With their creative cupcakes and located in the prime location of Byward Market, this is one of the must-see dessert spots in Ottawa! It has a super trendy vibe to it and makes for some great pictures (if you’re like us, and love to take pictures of food before stuffing it in your face!).

Our FAVORITE part about The Cupcake Lounge in Ottawa (yes, even aside from the cupcakes!) were their specialty cocktails! We chose the white wine with a popsicle placed inside of a large wine glass. We definitely found this to be a great way to wash down those cupcakes!

Quick Note About The Cupcake Lounge:

We would really suggest getting to this dessert shop in Ottawa earlier in the day. The cupcakes sell out fast, and we made the mistake of hitting the shop right before closing. Therefore, there weren’t a ton of cupcakes left to choose from which is why this location wasn’t our absolute favorite on the list.

Dessert Spots in Ottawa, Ontario Canada | The Cupcake Lounge
Dessert Spots in Ottawa, Ontario Canada | The Cupcake Lounge

Stop #2: Pure Gelato

Pure Gelato was the second stop during our dessert spots in Ottawa crawl and is located on 350 Elgin St, Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. I’ll be honest: We don’t really have access to gelato where we live. And, maybe a little bit too much to our surprise, this gelato was DELICIOUS! The assortment of flavors was definitely a bit overwhelming, but the staff’s willingness to tolerate our requests to try a ton of different flavors was a plus., We love trying different flavors when picking our ice cream, and the flavor testing was exactly what we needed! It cost us about $15 for 2 cones of Gelato. A fair warning, however: The line at Pure Gelato does get rather line. But, don’t worry, we really think it’s worth the wait!

Dessert Spots in Ottawa, Ontario Canada | The Cupcake Lounge

Stop #3: Suzy Q’s Doughnuts

Suzy Q’s Doughnuts is located in 969 Wellington St W, Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. This cute doughnut shop offers traditional favorites including Maple Bacon, Cookie’s n Cream, Dirty Chocolate, and Salty Caramel. Customers of Suzy Q’s Doughnuts also have the privilege of trying some seasonal flavors, such as Raspberry Lemonade, Fruit Loop, and Mango Lassi. Fresh doughnuts are some of our favorites, especially when they’re warm!

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