Finding cheap things to do in Ottawa, Ontario Canada has never been easier! Aside from Ottawa being just an overall beautiful city, it’s also the nation’s capital.

During our most recent trip to Ottawa, Ontario, we decided to indulge while keeping our budget low. Traveling can be so dang expensive which is why we choose to travel on a strict budget, sometimes.

We did a ton of things in Ottawa, Ontario Canada that wound up costing us approximately $300 per person, which included a place to stay, gas for the car, Ubers, food, and fun activities!

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Disclaimer: Since we’re from the United States, Canada has a great conversion rate that definitely worked in our favor at the time. Essentially, everything wound up being cheaper there, which is why our trip wound up being inexpensive. Before traveling to another country, we’d suggest looking up the conversion rates to see what your currency will get you.

Check Out ByWard Market for Some Great Restaurants and  Fresh Foods For Things to Do in Ottawa

ByWard Market is a buzzing spot of farmers market stalls, restaurants, and specialty food shops that everyone visiting must check out. You’ll be able to find local Canadian cheese, maple-infused chocolates, fresh produce, and homemade crafts and clothes.

Since a lot of the shops are occupied by locals, the food and items are fairly cheap.  We bought about 4 peaches and some local fruit for about $4…not bad for some fresh foods! The ByWard Market also features a compelling night-life scene with a ton of fun bars and taverns.

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Byward Market offers delicious local produce and foods from around Canada

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Byward Market offers delicious local produce and foods from around Canada

There tons of fresh, local produce to choose from! We wound up buying a delicious assortment of fruits.

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Byward Market offers delicious local produce and foods from around Canada

You’re In the Capital…Add Parliament Hill to Your List!

Parliament Hill, also known as The Hill, is located on the southern banks of the Ottawa River. The buildings reminded us of a castle. They’re absolutely breathtaking to look at.

These beautiful pieces of history and architecture can be a FREE thing to do in Ottawa, Ontario. But, if you want a guided tour, you’ll have to get tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. During the summer months, these tours go fast, so be sure to get there early if it’s something that interests you!

We had limited time during our trip to Ottawa, Ontario. As a result, we viewed Parliament Hill from across the Ottawa River by the Canadian Museum of History. It allowed for some scenic (and phenomenal) picture opportunities!

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario

With That Being Said…Check Out the Canadian Museum of History

The Canadian Museum of History is actually located on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River. It’s Canada’s National Museum of Human History and gives a great overview of the country. It’s also located in the great hub of Gatineau, Quebec, making it an easy walk to most restaurants and stores.

The museum is open daily from 9:30 am to 5 pm (Thursday is open until 8 pm). The museum is on the pricier side at $20 for 1 adult ticket and 1 movie. We didn’t include the museum on our last trip due to the fee, but if you’re into learning about a country’s history, it’s a cost that may be worth the investment.

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Canadian Museum of History

If You Have the Time for One Hike…Make It to Lusk Caves

While the Lusk Caves aren’t directly located in Ottawa, Ontario, it’s a short and easy drive to make. Located in Gatineau Park in Quebec, the Lusk Caves were one of our favorite amusements and things to do in Ottawa, Ontario.

They’re free to enter and require no guide. However, you will need to pay a $15 parking fee for the park. The fee will definitely be worth it if you’re a hiker and plan on visiting other areas of the park throughout the day.

The hike is about a 10 km round trip for the easiest trail to Lusk Caves and took us about 3 hours to complete (including our lengthy visit to the caves). During the hike, you won’t experience much besides pavement and the view of a campsite. While you are walking along the river, the trees block most of the scenic portions. Regardless, there are a few spots where you can take a break and stop to take a quick swim if it’s during the hot summer months.

Once you get to the entrance of Lusk Caves, you’ll be in awe for your entire journey. The water gets really deep at nearly 1 meter, which gives a challenging vibe to the caves. At a few points, the water was to our necks!

What Should You Bring? 

The Lusk Caves are tough to enjoy unless you come fully prepared. You WILL need a flashlight, water shoes, hiking boots, and a bathing suit (unless you don’t care about your clothes getting wet). It’s also advisable to leave the camera gear in the car unless you plan on leaving it where the caves exit or bringing a waterproof dry bag.

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Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Lusk Caves near Ottawa, Ontario

Our (subpar) attempts at getting decent pictures of the caves…our GoPro does NOT like low light!

Feeling Artsy? Hit Up Jacques Cartier Park

Jacques Cartier Park was a great little gem we came across when traveling to our Airbnb. Located in Gatineau, Quebec, the park features events at all times of the year. Our favorite part about the park was the art we came across! There is an assortment of sculptures made from bushes and flowers.

However, entering this part of the park comes at a price. At $20, you’ll be able to view all of the beautiful sculptures. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to spend the money at the time, so we chose to do the “cheaper” version. The park is behind a linked fence that can easily be seen through. We pretty much just walked around and took some pictures of the beautiful sculptures. If you’re feeling like you want to get a more up-close and personal feel, you’re definitely going to want to pay for the access and stay for a while to make the investment worthwhile!

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Jacques Cartier Park

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Jacques Cartier Park
Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Jacques Cartier Park

Looking For Somewhere Awesome to Spend the Night After All Those Attractions in Canada?

Airbnb has been our recent go-to when we’re traveling and looking for great places to stay. They’re cheap in Canada, especially when you’re looking for a private apartment or house. We stayed in Gatineau, Quebec at an apartment before we went out and completed our cheap things to do in Ottawa. We had a great host that left us a Welcome Basket and a surprise cabinet filled with drinks! But, just a disclaimer if you decide to stay in Quebec: Ubers aren’t regularly available here. Since different provisions in Canada have different regulations regarding the use of Uber, Ontario is definitely much easier with finding them!

Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada | Air bnb

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Cheap Things to Do In Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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