Creating a carry-on bag packing list can be hectic and we don’t know about you guys, but sometimes we forget the essentials! Whether we’re going for a quick 2-hour flight or we’re traveling for a long period of time, we have become accustomed to flying by air and having our carry-on bag packing list with us! We compiled a carry-on bag packing list of essentials that we never find ourselves without when we’re on board a flight. They allow us to remain comfortable and relaxed no matter where we’re traveling to!

1. Headphones To Enjoy Some Entertainment

Headphones are one of our top priorities on our carry-on bag packing list! We use them to listen to music or watch free movies or TV shows that they’ll occasionally show on the longer flights. While some flights may have some for you to borrow, we find that getting a decent and comfortable pair is far better than the cheap pair. We also love leaving our headphones on when trying to get some extra shut-eye! We prefer wireless Bluetooth Beats by Dr. Dre!

2. Camera Backpack

Our camera gear has become an absolute essential on our carry-on bag packing list, no matter where we’re traveling. If you are like us and have tons of photography gear, bringing your camera backpack as a carry-on bag is an absolute essential. There are tons of great brands and quality backpacks that will meet your own specific needs. For example, some allow for extra room for a drone, camera, lenses, AND a laptop. There are also some that are waterproof, making them perfect for all of you outdoors folk out there! Our personal favorite is the Thule Camera backpack due to the fact that it can fit our drone, cameras, and lenses.

3. Memory Foam & Cooling Neck Pillow For Comfort

David finally convinced me to invest in one of these neck pillows and I haven’t looked back. The memory foam and cooling technology neck pillows really make a flight much more comfortable, especially when you’re in such tight quarters!

4. Hand Sanitizing Wipes to Feel Fresh

It’s not much of a shock that planes can be a bit dirty sometimes…which is why we’ve added sanitizing wipes to our carry-on bag packing list. We use them to not only wipe our hands before we eat, but also to wipe down the front tray, TV, seat, seatbelt, and anything else we may touch. Sanitizing wipes have helped us prevent colds more than once! Our favorite are the sanitizing wipes made by Purell!

5. Eye Mask & Ear Plugs to Get Some Beauty Sleep

There are times when we fall asleep so easily on flights and other times when we don’t. Usually, it’s because of a screaming child or that pesky stranger next to you that refuses to shut the window…despite asking nicely more than once (true story!). Getting an eye mask and some extra earplugs should do the trick. There’s a great deal on Amazon that includes an eye mask and earplugs!

6. Sunglasses to Keep that Pesky Sun Away

Sunglasses are just one of those things that you’re going to want to add to your carry-on bag packing list, even if it’s a short flight. If you’re flying during the day, you’re probably going to want to wear them on the plane! Or, you may just want them because that same person next to you is blinding you with that open window during a sunny flight. Our favorite is the Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses!

7. Books for Your Reading Pleasure

We love reading books during our flights. It’s a great way to past some time and even gets some extra learning in (if you’re into THOSE kinds of books). We personally prefer paperback books since they’re easily accessible, portable, and reusable (without a battery having to die). A few of our favorite books are anything in the Dummies series (Digital Marketing for Dummies) or Lord of the Rings. Yes…we are pretty big nerds!

8. Cozy Socks

There’s nothing like taking those shoes off and swapping your socks (or sandals) for some cozy socks during a flight! I also am ALWAYS cold, so this helps make me nice and warm during the entire duration of a flight. We LOVE the socks that are super soft, especially from Amazon since they come in cheap 6-packs for only $16.99. We also love the brand Stance since their socks are a bit more of compression, yet still super warm and comfortable.

9. A Sweater or Sweatshirt to Keep you Warm

As I said, I am always cold! I’m hoping some of you are the same out there! If so, you’re going to want to bring something else to keep you warm (assuming you’re only wearing short sleeves). Bring a sweater or sweatshirt to get rid of those unnecessary chills.

10. Pack of Gum to Keep That Bad Breath Away

I love chewing gum during the takeoff and landing to allow my ears to pop! Gum’s also a nice way to make sure your breath isn’t smelling too awful for the person sitting next to you to endure. We’d recommend buying a bunch of gum off Amazon! You can usually get quite a few packages of gum for an affordable price.

Do you think we missed anything on our carry-on bag packing list? What do you find essential to have with you during every flight? Let us know in the comments below!

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