We are definitely noticing a trend while staying with these Boondockers Welcome hosts. For one, they’re all incredibly generous and welcoming. However, I am even more impressed that they seem equally grateful to have us there as we are to be staying on their property. It’s especially amazing to stay at these homes in between our “busy” travel days. We miss our families and meeting new people that are so welcoming gives us another sense of “family” while we’re out here traveling full-time.

Note: Boondockers Welcome is a great program that allows you to meet fellow and park for FREE. Right now, the price is just $30/year for life, which is less than 1 night in a campground!

David and I stayed on Bill and PJ’s property for 4 nights on the country-side of Thunder Bay, ON. Their house was beautiful to say the least – a circular design that they built themselves after they moved back from California in the 70s. Our favorite part of their home was their hand-made Amethyst fireplace piece that Bill LITERALLY mined himself!

You can tell Bill and PJ are strong people that have gone through a lot in their life but have always remained positive. Despite not graduating high school, Bill became a pilot and bought his own plane to deliver products throughout Canada. He’s also a retired heating and air conditioning contractor that loves tinkering, fixing things, and working in his shop. PJ used to own her own sign shop and currently paints creative watercolor art! Similar to us, they both enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and playing music with good company.

Bill and PJ had a wealth of information from throughout their lives to share with us. We enjoyed engaging conversation and plenty of laughs during a wine night during our stay. PJ was also kind of enough to bring us an ENTIRE booklet of activities to do in the area. Fortunately or not, we definitely had our fill of “tourist activities” for the week!

Some Fun Facts About Thunder Bay, ON

Population (2017): 110,172 Fun Fact: Thunder Bay is home to the World’s 2nd largest curling rock outside of Forth William Gardens

If you’re interested in some of the other activities we did while in Thunder Bay, ON, check out the Top 5 Attractions in Thunder Bay, ON!

The Slate River Dairy farm was just a few minutes down the road! We got some fresh chocolate milk, butter, yogurt, and eggs.

About an hour and a half from where we stayed, the Sea Lion was an easy hike to get to from Sleeping Giant Provincial Park!

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