Sometimes the best people come from the roads less traveled – and that’s exactly how we felt when meeting Wesley and Pam of Shelburne, Ontario. We quickly turned to Airbnb when it was time to move our bus from an RV spot near Niagara Falls, but just didn’t know where to go. It was the 1st week of traveling and working full-time on the road, so you could say we were relieved to come across Wesley and Pam’s property for only $15USD a night in Shelburne, ON. It was about a 2 or 3-hour drive for us (mind you, our bus only hits a max of like 50mph). What we didn’t expect was to meet such kind, welcoming, and friendly people.

Pam and Wes grew up in Canada and currently live in a lovely home that was built way back in the 1830s. They took on a year-long project when they decided to renovate their farm home nearly 5 years ago. It was amazing to meet a couple that shared the same appreciation for research, labor, and the reality of renovating a home. Wesley’s woodwork and Pam’s sense for design shines throughout their entire house.

When we asked a few locals what there was to do around Shelburne, many of them laughed us and said, “Shelburne? Why are you going to Shelburne?” Throughout our 5 days, we discovered through Wes and Pam all the reasons why you should love Shelburne. You can feel the small-town vibes, while also having only a 1.50-hour drive to either Bruce Peninsula or Toronto.

Wes and Pam graciously invited us into their home to share some great food, laughs, and stories about who they are and where they come from. Our bus and trailer fit right in and it was so quiet and peaceful at night hearing the coyotes and wind howl! Traveling on the road can be difficult, but the couple made us feel welcome in Canada, which (at the end of the day), is a foreign country to us.

Some Fun Facts About Shelburne, ON

Population: 8.126 (2016) Best Known: Annual Canadian Championship Fiddling Contest in August

Airbnb Details

Wesley and Pam offer a few different options at their home if you’re looking for an Airbnb in the area and don’t have a school bus, RV, or van to sleep out! They offer tenting on the property or a stay in their camper or room in their home. An extra bonus: They have an outdoor bathroom and shower!

Here is a link to their Airbnb listing: Tenting at Secluded Cedar Grove

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