Our favorite part about traveling has been meeting like-minded people that encourage our drive and ambition to travel and explore the country.

Doug and Debbie were the first couple we stayed with from Boondockers Welcome. Their property was located right off the lake in Severn Bridge. The couple lives full-time in their 5th wheel with their 8-year-old dog, Ernie (an ADORABLE corgi husky mix). Their camper is fully equipped with about 1200 Watts of solar panels which allows them to live completely off-grid on their property or out in the middle of Canada and the United States. Now after they’re both retired, Doug and Debbie have been living in their camper for about 2 years. Not unlike many people that live in northern Ontario, the couple stays in the area during its short summers and travels south into the states when the weather gets colder.

As with most people we’ve stayed with so far, Doug and Debbie made us feel completely at home while we stayed for 2 nights in Severn Bridge. We even got fresh muffins and tons of local guides for things to do in the area.

Some Fun Facts about Severn Bridge, ON

Population: 13,477 (2016) Popular Local Attractions: Golden Creek Bird Farm, Pura Vida Soul Institute, Rushmount Equine Sports, Twin Maple Farm

A Bit About Boondockers Welcome 

Unfortunately, Ontario doesn’t have any BLM land for us to boondock on. They do have Crowne land, but we’ve read that you have to pay about $11 per day (per person) to stay on them as a non-Canadian resident. We’ve ALSO read that no one will bother you, as long as you clean up after yourself and are quiet.

Long story short, we came across Boondockers Welcome and are thrilled with the website. It’s a $30 annual membership and you can stay at Boondocker host properties (some even including hookups) for FREE. There are locations all around Canada and the United States. It’s a great, cheap alternative to staying at pricey campgrounds / RV parks every night or a Walmart in the middle of now where.

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