Shelby Vertes

Registering a School Bus as an RV

Registering a school bus as an RV can be difficult or easy based on the state you're in. We're from New Jersey, which means the registration process was not g...

Wolf Pack Round Up: Mission & Goals

Wolfpack Round Up is a van and bus life meetup in stunning Oregon. With all the madness that happened during 2020, we wanted to bring a little bit of light back...

How to Get the Fastest RV Internet

Getting RV internet and WiFi while traveling or living full-time off-grid can be challenging and a big headache if you don't know where to look. We had absolute...

Our Off-Grid Skoolie Solar System

Designing our skoolie solar system for off-grid living had to be one of the most challenging components of our build. We spent so many days and nights studying...

Best Mid-Size Skoolie Conversions

As more and more of the country becomes interested in living life alternatively on the road, mid-size skoolie conversions are also increasing in popularity! Can...

Best Hammocks for Camping in 2020

Whether you're driving through a park, going on a walk, or attending some type of hip music festival, you've probably seen hammocks for camping or hanging aroun...
Shelby Vertes

Shelby Vertes

Hey! I'm Shelby, the main writer at Aimless Travels. To this point, I've been most passionate about all things fish, swimming around in large bodies of water, hot springs, doing crazy new things, and sharing content about the nomad life that is influential to my readers.

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