Even though we are avid travelers, we still find ourselves anxious and worried while taking long flights. I mean, what could you possibly do while sitting for over 10 years in your seat? We often find ourselves thinking halfway through a flight, “Ok, this isn’t so bad”. However, time DEFINITELY doesn’t fly by for the next couple of hours. Recently, we found a few different options that help us enjoy our long hauls a bit more without the unwanted burden of anxiety, stress, or boredom.

Upgrade Your Seat

Okay – we get it! Upgrades are EXPENSIVE! But, you ever hear of those frequent flyer points? Those definitely add up. So, if you’re planning a 10+ hour flight around the world, save those mileage points up so you can upgrade to a bigger, better space during your flight. That could mean more leg room, reclining seats, FREE meals, unlimited entertainment, and breathing space from your nosy neighbor. Get the upgrade: Your body and mind will thank us later!

Bring Some CBD Products

We have found that a variety of CBD products help reduce our anxiety and nervousness while we’re flying. Studies from scientists have also shown a proven connection to CBD causing a change in blood flow in the brain linked to feelings of anxiety. Our favorite CBD products are the oils and gummies made by Meds Biotech. They come in an assortment of different flavors and styles and are small enough to pack!

Before you ask – no, CBD is NOT marijuana, which is a common misconception! CBD is legal and completely separate from the THC in marijuana that causes the psychoactive effects, or “high”. Since CBD is not regulated by the government, you can pack this in your carry-on and use it on your plane to get rid of those extra worries that may accompany you when flying. Furthermore, they’re a great way to get us to sleep better, even in an environment loaded with background noises!

CBD comes in all sorts of strengths and Meds Biotech offers about all of them. Each industrial hemp contains different levels of CBD. There are tons of different types of CBD Gummies and Oils that you can choose from when visiting their online store.

Meds Biotech

CBD Affiliate Program

Bring Your Favorite Gear to “Escape”

The worst part about flying is the boredom! You need to start making a plan to have those long hours pass you by. While you may have a remote job, you probably won’t be working for the entire flight. Sure – you can get about 5 hours of work done for your first 5 hours, but I guarantee you’ll want to put that down the next 5.

If you already splurged for WiFi for work, get onto Netflix and watch a favorite movie or binge watch your favorite seasons of The Office. If you haven’t splurged, I would highly recommend you get your credit card out and pay for WiFi or a movie. Watching TV helps time fly by, especially on a long flight! If you don’t want to burn your eyes away by watching too much TV, consider bringing a book. Remember: If you don’t have headphones, you can usually ask a flight attendant for some – airlines generally carry headphones free of cost. If you’d like some headphones with better quality, we’d recommend the Beats Solo 3 Wireless Headphones.

These long haul flights are also the perfect excuse to bring all of your favorite products. These could include comfortable socks, a neck pillow, and noise-canceling headphones or earplugs. If you’re over the legal drinking age – don’t forget to pack some alcoholic travel bottles. Trust me, you don’t want to have to listen to the crying children, talk-a-holics, engine noises, or constant messages from the pilots or flight attendants when you’re trying to catch up on your beauty sleep during a 10+ hour flight!

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