Stumped on what to get that camping and hiking enthusiast on your list this year? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Find out the best gifts and necessities for the outdoorsman (and women!) in your life.

Benefits of Camping

According to the Huffington Post, camping and getting away from it all can not only improve your sleep and health but it can also diminish your negative thinking. If you are feeling burnt out by life these days, then a few days out in nature can put you in a better mood in a hurry.

From heading off-road to hiking the mountains and relaxing once you get there, this list has everything you need for your next adventure. 

Roof Racks

Roof racks are great for packing more than just the bare necessities for your next adventure. A Hilux roof rack for your Tata Hilux is a perfect example. Just because you are heading out into nature to enjoy a few days unplugged doesn’t mean you need to travel light. No matter the gear or toys you want to take, they will fit on a roof rack!

Multi-Tool Set

If your outdoor enthusiast chooses to get to their favorite camping location by dirt bike, then they will need some bike parts. When they are out on the road, they can’t bring their whole garage with them, so a multi-tool is the answer. Whether they need a socket wrench or a hex wrench, having a multi-tool set can save the day on a long ride. Finding one that is light and compact is the key so it won’t take up too much room on their bike. Some will even fit right in their pocket.

Tire-Repair Kit

Nothing can ruin an amazing ride on the open road like a flat tire. Make sure your explorer has a tire repair kit for their next adventure. Again, find one that is small enough to fit in with their gear, but is a complete set so they have everything they need should their ever have to use it. Does your adventurer have a DRZ-400 (the bike of choice for the Australian Army)? Then this fun bike is suitable for both on and off road- as it is street legal – but also rugged enough to tackle even the harshest of terrains.

Hiking Shoes

For those who choose to get their favorite camping hide-away by foot, they will need quality shoes that provide support for long days enjoying nature. Many shoes provide grip on the soles that allow for great traction, even on slippery surfaces. This allows your hiking enthusiast to enjoy their hobby year-round, and in a wide range of locations. Be sure to watch the weight of the shoes you pick out, around two kilograms is ideal.

Classic Sandal

Once you get to where you are going, having a quality sandal to wear around the campsite (and into the nearby river) is a must. Water shoes are perfect; they provide much-needed support while also drying quickly. At less than one kilogram in weight, these will fit nicely in your pack and will come in handy when you hike into your campsite.


Every avid backpacker will tell you that a quality pair of socks will make or break your next hiking trip. Look for a pair that will wick away the moisture but are warm and cozy as well.

Folding Camp Chair

Once you get to your campsite, you want to be comfortable. A folding camping chair is a perfect gift for the backpacker on your list. It folds down into its carrying bag which is 33 centimeters long and only 10 centimeters wide and is also 10 centimeters in height. It is only one kilogram meaning it won’t break your back to carry it on your next backpacking trip.


You also can’t go wrong with a fun camping hammock. Find one that is light enough to take on your next backpacking trip but durable enough to hold up to two people. There are even hammocks available on the market that folds down into the size of a grapefruit and weighs less than a kilogram in its sack. Once you get to your favorite camping spot relaxing in your hammock and enjoying a cold margarita, is sure to make your next camping trip a party.

Sturdy Water Bottle

A quality water bottle will help you stay hydrated (and happier) throughout those long days of hiking. Be sure to get your hiking enthusiast one that will be sturdy enough to handle trekking across rugged terrain, while also keeping their water cold. Once they get to their campsite, they can even switch their drink to some Don Julio and not worry about spilling.

From the desert to the beach, the outdoor adventurist on your list is sure to appreciate these gifts. Whether they are arriving at their destination by foot, car, or dirt bike this list is sure to have just what your explorer needs this year. And if you think you might want to take up hiking the great outdoors, then grab your foldable chair and hammock and head out into nature this weekend!


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